In Progress

Ison Notation

Latest attempt at a Byzantine Notation music sequencer


Lots of Lines

Senior Project - An app to visualize multidimensional data

Full Stack

Brain Boost

Post ideas and get feedback and ratings


A pinterest clone created with masonry


This is an app to manage a book trading club


This is an app for coordinating night life

Project Osiris

A website I made for a school project

Madlibz Game

An online Madlibs game that also uses an API I made

Personal Website

The site you are currently on...

Front End


A React Roguelike Dungeon Crawler game

Game of Life

A React implementation of Conway's Game of Life

Online Simon Game

An online simon game for if you ever get bored

Tic Tac Toe

This is my solution to an unbeatable tic tac toe AI

Markdown Preview

An online markdown preivew built using ReactJS

Random Quote Machine

If you need some wisdom, random quotes are the best

FCC Leaderboard

A leaderboard for the FreeCodeCamp website

Gross Domestic Product

Visualizing the GDP with a d3.js bar chart

Scatterplot Graph

Visualizing performance time with a d3.js scatterplot graph

Temperature Heatmap

Visualizing global temperature with a d3.js heatmap

Weather App

Show you the basic local weather in your area

Wikipedia Viewer

Search Wikipedia or find random articles

NaNoWriMo Writer

Something I wrote to motivate me while I was doing NaNoWriMo

Recipe Box

A simple recipe box with names and ingredients

Rubber Duck

A blinking rubber duck made for rubber duck debugging


Shurli - URL shortener

Send links to API and get a shortened URL back

YouTube Scrape

A YouTube search scraping API

Madlibz API

An API for Madlibs templates

Timestamp Microservice

Retrieve UNIX and Natural Language conversion of input dates


API to search for images using Bing image search

File Metadata

API to receive a submitted file's size in bytes

Request Header

API to get request ip address, language, and user software


Advanced Calculator

An online calculator with advanced programmer features


Not sure where exactly this was going. Didn't make it much past early steps.

Ison Notation

This is an app I tried creating as a desktop app years ago, and tried again here as a web app. Didn't work out in this form either, but I'm going to do it eventually one way or another.

Ison Notation - Desktop

Here's an old website for the desktop app version of Ison Notation I was working on

Old Website

Here's my old website that I could never quite style right... It was supposed to be a bit more flashy, however, I've settled on this quieter, more simplistic, design.

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