Silent Fear

I don't think a recording of this exists, but it was my first string quartet, written around the age of 13, and was played by my siblings and I.

Drake Passage

My second string quartet which was also performed by my siblings and I. One of my favorite melodies I've created.

Orchestral Pieces


I don't have this available to listen to online in any form yet, but it is probably my most advanced symphonic composition. I wrote it for the Young Composers Competition in 2015.

Caesar's Victory (Dead link)

My first complete "Symphony", ended up about 5 minutes at written tempo. However, it was performed by our local youth symphony and the result was 7-8 minutes long at the played tempo.


This was the first piece I ever wrote that used computer sound libraries.


This is the culmination of multiple composition attempts.


This piece is a combination of some simple melodies I'd written in my idea book.

The Path to Freedom

The composition of this piece spanned many months and loss of project files from computer crashes, but it turned out fine.

Fan Music

Brightness Davar

A fan piece written for Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series.

Darkness Comes

A fan piece written for Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.


Blessed are Those Who Mourn

A piece I wrote for a documentary remixed

A Winter Day

A piece I wrote for Christmas 2014.

After Harvest

This is more of a folksy, Scottish instrument based piece that is probably the fastest composition I've ever written.


Written for my sister for Christmas 2015

More (Accounts)


I post all my notable and complete compositions here.


Currently just a single album here, and it should be on other similar sites.


Most everything I write, incomplete or not, makes it here, though some of it is private or unlisted.

Young Composers (Dead link)

An archived account that contains a few pieces. (I think they removed everything now)


I don't have much on here.

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